I'm the ONLY candidate with proven financial experience.

Compare resumes: Learn more about my experience and first term highlights managing, investing, and distributing more than $100 million in funds for Summit County taxpayers.

Relevant Experience

  • Elected Summit County Treasurer in 2018
  • Board Member, Colorado State Investment Pool (CSIP), County Retirement Income Security Program (CRISP), County Personnel Board
  • Served for 3 years as Deputy Treasurer prior to election
  • Served two and a half years in the Summit County Finance Department
  • Served as Treasurer for Summit County Democrats
  • Served as Treasurer, Board member, Wellington Neighborhood HOA
  • Assisted local veterans in finding local resources during foreclosure
  • Counseled peer counties and municipalities in oil & gas divestiture
  • Assisted Continental Divide Land Trust and Colorado Open Lands merger

First Term Highlights

  • Divested County from oil/fossil fuels
  • Worked with Building Hope to promote mental health
  • Increased interest earned on County investments by 226%
  • On pace to increase discretionary revenue by 400%
  • Quadrupled County investment portfolio from $20 to $80 million
  • Generated over $3 million for County programs like Open Space, Childcare, and Public Safety
  • Saved an estimated $20k in labor costs by reforming payment processing
  • Closed over 50 unnecessary County bank accounts and minimized non-invested funds
  • Increased transparency and accountability by separating County and non-County funds
  • Joined forces with local business owners to modernize state law on paperless transactions
  • Increased education opportunities for staff
  • Increased online payment options for locals
  • Introduced online chat to improve availability during COVID


  • BA, Business, University of Redlands
  • MBA, University of Redlands
  • Graduate, CMC Leadership Summit


  • Two-time All-American Golfer
  • Certified PGA Apprentice and instructor
  • Head Coach, Summit Tigers HS Golf Team
  • Spouse Elisabeth, daughter Zoe, age 16

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