A reminder from Deputy Treasurer Ryne Scholl at the Treasurer’s Office: Full Installment due April 30, 2018

Throughout the year, our office fields thousands of calls from property owners with questions regarding past and current property tax payments. As property owners ourselves, we understand the concerns that our constituents have and seek to provide increased public benefit through education and communication coming from the Treasurer’s office.

Here are answers to common questions as well as information regarding upcoming deadlines and payment options.

What options do I have for paying property taxes in Colorado?

Owners can choose to pay taxes in two half installments or by one full installment

When are property taxes due?

  • Half Installments: 1st installment: February 28th, 2nd installment: June 15th
  • Full installment: April 30th

Have I or my mortgage company paid 1st half?

To verify if you or your mortgage company submitted first half installment, visit the County website (www.summitcountyco.gov)

You can refine your search by year and then by schedule number, owner, or address. An account summary will be visible at the bottom of the page.

Can I get a copy of my tax notice?

Yes, after searching your property choose the option to “print tax notice”

Can I get a receipt for a past payment?

Yes, after searching your property choose the option to “print account statement”

How do I get a history of my payment?

Change the year of your search in the main search engine

How can I submit payment?

  • In person: 208 E. Lincoln Ave, Breckenridge
  • Mailed USPS: PO Box 289, Breckenridge CO 80424
  • Online: Debit or Credit (3rd party processing fee), E-check ($1.00 flat fee)

What year am I paying taxes for?

In Colorado, tax payments are made in arrears (2017 taxes are due in 2018)

I didn’t own the property all of 2017, am I responsible for the full amount?

Yes, contact your title company or review your HUD-1 for details as to the proration and collection of taxes at closing.

For questions, please contact Deputy Treasurer Ryne Scholl at 970 453-3443 or ryne.scholl@summitcountyco.gov

This article also appeared on The Summit Daily News on April 24th

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