Our campaign spoke with nearly every delegate over the past few weeks and we received a resounding show of support.”

—Ryne Scholl

FRISCO, March 28, 2018—Candidate for Treasurer Ryne Scholl thanked delegates and supporters for delivering a decisive victory at the Summit Democratic Assembly Wednesday evening.

Scholl was nominated by popular author, Councilman, and supporter Jeffrey Bergeron, who told delegates Scholl would “hit the ground running” come January. Scholl’s spouse Elisabeth Lawrence, seconding the nomination, reminded the audience that Scholl is the only candidate who saw through both the petition and this evening’s assembly process.

In his acceptance speech, Scholl shared his campaign message that, as the current Deputy Treasurer, he is the only candidate who has the experience required to be Treasurer on day one, in reference to the fact January, when the new Treasurer will take office, is also one of the most demanding times.

“It was an honor to join local and statewide candidates like Congressman Jared Polis in speaking directly to the party,” said Scholl. “Our campaign spoke with nearly every delegate over the past few weeks and we received a resounding show of support.”

With his primary opponent’s last-minute decision to withdraw from the Assembly voting process, where a mere 10% of delegate support is required to stay on the ballot, it was a sign that Scholl had potentially locked up enough Assembly delegates to win the primary outright.

“We have three months to build on our momentum, so we don’t plan to slow down,” announced campaign spokesperson David Rossi after the event. “Even though we were first to turn in our petition, even though we’re the clear winner tonight, we will still work just as hard getting our message to voters and asking for their support at the June primary.”

For his part, Scholl wants voters to consider the importance of the County primary. “The Treasurer is a vital position in this county—taxpayers expect and deserve experience on the job when it comes to funding County services,” he said. “By choosing me, the public I serve every day at the Treasurer’s office right now knows who they’ll get come January.”

The June 26th Democratic primary is vote-by-mail and ballots will be delivered to both Summit County-registered Democrats and Unaffiliated voters who wish to participate.


Media Inquiries: David Rossi, 970-376-8323


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