Financial Experience is So Important in the Treasurer’s Office. Here’s Why.

My role as Treasurer is to develop policies and practices that have financial checks and balances, to be transparent and efficient with public money, and to have a portfolio of work that compliments a successful county audit. I oversee a staff of five who rely upon my knowledge of accounting principles to support their daily activities and responsibilities balancing millions of dollars to the penny daily.

The County Treasurer is responsible for accurately tracking all funds in and out of the County’s possession to include over $100 million in departmental revenue and over $100 million in outgoing expenditures. As the county banker, my office re-balances the bank accounts daily to accurately and efficiently adjust checking accounts and daily investment accounts and maximize interest revenue.

In addition, the Treasurer is responsible for investing over $100 million in county funds under the scope of safety, liquidity, and return. Working closely with the county investment advisor, I make decisions and set policies for the investment of all county government funds; directly impacting the growth of local programs to include open space and public safety.  

The Treasurer also collects over $148 million in property taxes, for more than 37,000 accounts, on behalf of more than 30 agencies who use property taxes as their source of revenue. The taxing authorities that are dependent upon our accurate application and distribution of ~ 60,000 payments include services like fire, EMS, and schools.

I’ve helped find new ways to safely and more efficiently invest County funds for greater returns, which means these programs get more revenues. As an MBA and with a full background in finance and government finance, I have utilized my decades of financial background to better our community.

The Treasurer’s office is an elected office in statutory communities across Colorado for a reason: Direct financial experience makes the difference in how a county runs. I’m proud of my team and our success in our first term, and I’d be honored to have your vote on the June 28th Democratic Primary. 

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