Primary Day is Tuesday June 26th.
There’s Time to Vote, even if you’re Unaffiliated!

Vote in person or drop your ballot on or before Tuesday to make your vote count. Just do NOT mail it (won’t arrive in time!).

24 HOUR BALLOT DROP BOXES: Drop your filled out ballot (do not forget to sign!) There are five 24-hour locations, any of which can be used, no matter where in Summit you’re registered, up until 7pm on Tuesday:

  • SILVERTHORNE: Summit County North Branch Library: 651 Center Circle
  • FRISCO: Summit County Commons: 0037 Peak One Drive
  • FRISCO: Town Hall: 1 Main Street
  • BRECKENRIDGE: Summit County Courthouse: 208 East Lincoln Avenue
  • DILLON: Town Hall: 275 Lake Dillon Drive

DROP YOUR BALLOT OFF IN PERSON: In-office ballot drop at the Summit County Courthouse, 208 East Lincoln Avenue, Breckenridge, during regular business hours, until 5pm.

VOTE IN PERSON: Voter Polling Center (VSPC) on Election Day up until 7pm. Remember, you can vote in ANY polling station within Summit County, as long as you’re a Summit County voter!

  • BRECKENRIDGE: Summit County Courthouse: 208 East Lincoln Avenue, Breckenridge, Colorado
  • FRISCO: Community & Senior Center, 83 Nancys Place, Frisco, Colorado
  • SILVERTHORNE: Silverthorne Pavilion, 400 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, Colorado

This information is available on the Summit County Government Website, where you can learn more.

Remember, if you’re Unaffiliated, you may have received two ballots. You can only choose one. Ryne Scholl is on the Democrat’s ballot. If you’re a registered Republican, you will not find the Treasurer’s race on your ballot until the fall.

Need help? Call us at 970-368-9670 or email, we’re happy to help!





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